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Act for the climate with us, the 16th of September on World Ozone Day!

Making big change is possible, especially when you’re doing it with others! On September 16th – the World Ozone Day – we invite you to take action with us.

Isn‘t the ozone layer something we discussed in the 80s you might ask? Indeed, after the Montreal Protocol the Ozone Layer is healing. The World Ozone Day demonstrates how political will and collaborative efforts can solve major international challenges. A realisation that are more important than ever in 2020 in the middle of a pandemic and (other) consequences of global heating commencing. So lets do something about this, while reminding ourselves about the importance of the ozone layer and the protection of it.

Climate activists across Europe participate in our event, and you can participate as well. In order to participate you need to register, then invite a small group, such as your friends, family, colleagues or neighbours, to spend 1-2 hours together (online or offline as is possible) and learn about how to lower your CO2 level while minimizing the impact on the ozone layer.

We will provide you a toolbox containing opening questions to kickstart the discussion, topics on Act4eco for every participant to go through individually, and summarising questions that will help to decide what changes everyone can make for the sake of a better future. We have an expert panel who will discuss the topics and answer your questions live.

How can I participate?

  1. Register: create an account here on, and write us either on social media or
  2. Invite your friends!
  3. Time and place: The 16th September, you choose where.
  4. Buy snacks
  5. Have fun and use our instructional package to guide you through your event.

Sign up for our event here!, on Facebook or send an email to Anna on

More information will come – send an email to if you have any questions!

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