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ACT4ECO at UCC Cork Discovers

Last week the ACT4ECO UCC team went live into people’s homes via the Cork Discovers annual event. Cork Discovers is a Europe-wide event that showcases the work of researchers to the public through innovative activities demonstrating the diversity of research that is taking place and how it can impact daily life.  The Cork Discovers event is a collaboration between University College Cork, Teagasc, Cork City Council and UCC Academy, Ireland.

Last year (2019) researchers from UCC introduced ACT4ECO, the ideas and principles of what was to be developed – the dynamic eLearning platform.  This was achieved by demonstrating a preview of some of the content being designed for the eLearning platform, the use of plug-in smart meters to show how much energy a single lightbulb uses, as well as hosting a competition on energy use in the home.

This year (2020) due to the global impact of Covid19 and local social restrictions, UCC ACT4ECO researchers joined the public via online forums.  ACT4ECO brought “The Conversation” for energy representatives from Ireland and energy experts from the ACT4ECO team across Europe to life.  Our YouTube “In Conversation” broadcast discussed great ways on how to make a difference and reduce energy consumption in the home.

As Aedín McCloughlin (from GEAI – Co. Leitrim, Ireland) states: “It is important to raise awareness of what is possible and also the financial supports that are available for people”.  By getting involved and working as communities it is possible to make significant changes, so “it is about being a movement, … bringing the people with us and getting everyone over the line together,” (Sarah Fogarty, from Community Power – Co. Tipperary, Ireland).

An example of dramatic change was experienced in Denmark in 2015 when the country was run solely on wind energy for twenty-four hours.  As Charlotte Koldbye (from DBT – Denmark) says: “The alternatives are so much cleaner and healthier, both for the climate and from the human perspective”.

ACT4ECO can lead the home energy consumer through a journey of change, explaining the why and how through education so that individuals and groups can take actions.  As Xavier Dubuisson (XD Consulting – Co. Cork, Ireland) suggests: “People want to do something, so it is about removing the barriers, and this is where knowledge is key – ACT4ECO addresses that need.”

To hear more on what was said at this year’s ACT4ECO Cork Discovers event please watch the full video at “ACT4ECO – In Conversation: Climbing the Ladder of Change”:

Create an account on ACT4ECO to join consumers from all over Europe on this ladder of change, where every change even the smallest, has an impact!

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