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ACT4ECO Policy Papers on Energy Efficiency

Are you interested in knowing the main results stemming from the cycle of national and EU-level seminars organised in the context of ECO2 project? Then, you will be glad to know that the Consortium summarised the most important conclusions in a set of policy briefs. 

The first step consisted in organising a set of national-level policy seminars aimed at analysing the existing policy measures to promote energy efficient behaviours among consumers and citizens. The same structure was then repeated in a EU-level seminar, involving all Consortium Partners, experts from the energy sector, policy makers, NGOs, energy agencies, etc. The idea was to bring together all different stakeholders and create a dialogue between citizens, experts and officials, in order to discuss on how politics and design can help citizens in adopting more energy conscious behaviours.

From these seminars, it was possible to gather input, which was then used to develop thematic policy briefs. These documents feature the following elements:

  • A synthetic description of the thematic area
  • The methodology used to gather feedback for the policy briefs
  • Summary of results
  • The main policy insights presented in the ACT4ECO topics, following the 5 thematic actions

A platform like ACT4ECO is a great example of knowledge-sharing and reveals itself as very useful in providing information on how citizens can save energy within their households, but also on the more technical topics that need to be grasped if you want to adopt all those changes and live in a sustainable and climate-friendly way.

At the following links you can download all ACT4ECO policy briefs:

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