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Not just energy sustainability! BioXpo showcases the last news on ecologic consumption and production habits

A holistic approach to energy efficiency cannot leave aside the knowledge of possible alternatives to a lifestyle based on consumerism. BioXpo Belgium represents the starting point to discover a more sustainable approach to your consumption habits.

Sunday 13th of October, BioXpo 2019 will open its doors: it is the most important Trade Fair in Belgium for the biologic sector and environmental sustainability. During this two-days event (13 and 14/10/19), the halls of Brussels Expo will showcase a great exhibition of natural products which aims at offering visitors an overview on sustainable consumption lifestyles in the following domains:

  • Biological agriculture and organic food
  • Green and ethical fashion
  • Natural cosmetics
  • Ecological production methods
  • Environmentally friendly packaging and materials

The main goal of BioXpo Fair consists in generating awareness with a targeted audience on alternative brands, which present themselves on the market as ethical, organic and sustainable, but also allowing exhibitors in the biologic sector to meet new customers and strengthen relations with existing ones. To this aim, a number of meeting opportunities will be organised during the event: from scientific workshops to live presentations, from “meet-the-expert” sessions to a match-making event to meet potential cooperation partners.


A lifestyle based on energy efficiency, as the one characterizing ACT4ECO Community members, cannot leave aside the adoption, or at least the awareness, of purchasing habits based on well-informed choices in terms of products sustainability and ethical origin. An event such as BioXpo is extremely interesting for those consumers who are approaching this dimension for the first time, but also for those who are already embracing these consumption habits but are still willing to know more on producers and distributors of biological, natural and/or sustainable goods.

If in this period you are near Brussels, don’t miss the opportunity to visit BioXpo. You can find all information on opening hours, tickets and list of exhibitors here:

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