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Can I get financial support?

Solar power systems and other energy self-generation technologies require huge initial investment. In this article we will present some forms of financial support and funding available.

We know that the biggest barrier to investing in a domestic energy self-generation system is the high cost of the installation. But nowadays, in most European countries there are government incentives and other grants, support schemes, programs and credit schemes available to households that have decided to start producing their own energy. Such programs normally exist on a national and regional/local level. You just need to find yours!

Since the existing support schemes and programs are country specific and limited in time, we recommend that you consult your municipality, local experts in energy-related projects for households, renewable energy consultants or agencies. They could provide you with the most up-to-date information on funding opportunities you are eligible for. You could also talk to people who have recently installed a system for generating their own energy at home and have them share their experience with you.

Talking money made you a bit more convinced? Then, it’s time to learn how to generate your own energy at home. 

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