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It’s time to adopt some energy best practices!

The end of the holiday season is a good opportunity to start afresh and, why not, to adopt some new good habits. It is like New Year’s proposals…a few months in advance!

Act4Eco offers you a guide to play your part in the path towards an energy efficient household and, why not, a more sustainable lifestyle. For example, you can by managing your energy consumption. Here is how!

  • First of all, make an assessment of your energy consumption levels by going through all the energy bills you received over the past year: are there consumption peaks in certain months? Do you know what the cause is? If you are not sure about how to read your energy bills, Act4Eco has the solution for you with one specific action focusing exactly on this (extremely useful) skill.
  • Once you understood energy consumption patterns, you can learn some hints and strategies to reduce it. It’s a matter of rhythms and routines. For example: did you know that if you switch on the washing machine at night or on Sunday, your overall energy consumption will be lower and, consequently, your energy bill?
  • Even though the largest percentage of households’ energy consumption comes from the heating system, electric devices play a big part too. In recent years, we witnessed a marked increase in the number of appliances that are now considered useful – if not essential – in a household: from the electric coffee machine to home assistants. It is true that last generation devices are highly energy efficient, but it is also true that there are so many of them, as compared to 5-10 years ago! For this reason, it is important to be aware of their consumption and to always remember how to use them effectively, e.g. by switching them off completely when they are not in use, instead of just leaving them in stand-by mode.
  • Why not considering switching to renewable energies? Yes, we know it’s a big leap. But if you are not ready now – especially from an economic point of view, you can always start by collecting some information or by doing a feasibility test in order to calculate the expected savings you can obtain over a year.

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