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Open Innovation Call in the City of Copenhagen

The City of Copenhagen (DK) launched a call open to innovative ideas and strategies to target two main issues: air quality and the “urban heath island effect”.

Denmark is a global leader in terms of sustainable urban development, and it strengthened this position over time thanks to its expertise in public/private partnerships and cooperation between stakeholders such as the State, universities and companies. An example of this engagement is represented by the Open Innovation Call that the City of Copenhagen recently launched in order to collect innovative ideas, technologies and approaches.

The objective of this Call consists in identifying the most promising and effective solution to improve air quality and/or reduce urban heath within the City, and at the same time piloting it to foster its development and the concrete realization of the idea. A number of options are available for this challenge, some of them in line with the objectives of ECO2 Project: from energy efficiency best practices to the reduction of consumption rates in citizens’ households.  Participants will have the opportunity to present their ideas to an evaluation panel including municipality agencies and other sustainability leaders.


Are you interested in submitting your idea? There is still time, as deadline closes on September 23. You can submit your application HERE.

Next steps:

  • On October 1, Finalists will be announced
  • On October 11, they will take part in the Final Pitch and the Winner will be announced

The contest was sponsored by ACCESS CITIES – Global Alliance for Sustainable Human Development.

Do you want to know more on the challenge? Click HERE for more information.

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