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Producer + Consumer = Prosumer

A prosumer is not the protagonist of an action movie, but he or she is actually an ambassador of a green lifestyle and a supporter of clean energy. Find out more in this article!

Have you ever heard or come across the term “prosumer”? Do you still wonder what it really means? Well, the meaning of the term is pretty straightforward. It combines the words “producer” and “consumer”, and introduces the potential new role of private households in the future energy market – namely, to both produce and consume electricity. So, anyone can become a prosumer, really.

Here are two definitions of a prosumer:

  1. “They can (partly) provide for their own energy supply, and whenever there is a surplus of production in relation to the momentary consumption, this surplus is fed into the grid.”
  2. “Customers who produce electricity primarily for their own needs, but can also sell the excess electricity. Prosumers are connected to the distribution network with small and medium installed capacity.”

It is important to note that the prosumers make two types of exchanges with the grid: energy imports when their own production is insufficient to match their consumption, and energy exports when produced energy exceeds prosumer’s energy consumption.

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